Got into a bind, moved in with a couple, now they treat me like their servant and yell at me even though I help pay bills. What should I do?


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Find a roommate and get your own place! Easier with bills and nobody to "boss" you! I would choose a person you know and trust though.

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Arthur Wright
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Combined with answer above yours, a very great answer
Violet rayne
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Yes that is a great idea! Living in a small town tho it is pretty difficult
Lard Ass
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Thanks Arthur! It shouldn't be that difficult Violet, I live in West Virginia so this whole state is a small town! Lol!
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If you're not on the lease, then your option is to move out or to try and set boundaries with them. If they don't listen to you, then move out. No one takes advantage of you without your permission.

If you feel stuck and feel you have no options, they will prey on that and keep doing what they're doing. You always have options; sometimes they're not easy to see because they're hard to do.

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Danae Hitch
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As I said, you have choices. If you continue to stay, then you will have to put up with the crap they are dishing out. Instead of complaining that you have nowhere to go, start looking for someplace, unless you like what they're doing.
Violet rayne
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This is true. And I have been looking for places but everything is so expensive
Violet rayne
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But thank you for the advice :-)

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