How can my mom and I get rid of head lice in a few days? My mom has no experience at this, and has very bad eyesight, so she can't help me. What can I do to treat us in a few days? I'm almost 15 by the way.


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Take a bottle of Eucerin hand cream.  Massage it into the scalp and coat your hair.  Use almost the whole bottle.  Put on a shower cap and sit around the house for 8 hours.  Wash your hair with and comb it out with a nit comb.  Repeat one week later.

The hand cream will smother the adults and loosen the nits so they comb out.  Repeating the process with kill any adults that have hatched from the nits that weren't killed the first time.

The hand lotion washes out surprisingly well and your hair won't be very greasy.

I used a lice treatment from the pharmacy first and it didn't work.  This hand lotion treatment does.  It's a pain to sit around all day, of course.

Toss your hair brush and use a  plastic comb until you are sure all the lice are dead.  Wash your bedding in hot water and put your pillow in a plastic bag for a few days.  Lice can't live long without being on a person.

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I know this sounds really weird but it seriously helps. You just put mayo in your hair and massage your scalp and take a wide metal toothpick comb and brush them out and if that doesn't help try washing EVERYTHING couches floors carpets beds ect. And washing your hair with head and shoulders and try vinegar.

Hope this helps :)

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