I'm 13 and i just found out I'm 3 months pregnant a few weeks ago... I was wondering what's the best way to tell my mom and boyfriend and I was also wondering if any teen moms or adult moms would be my pen pal to give me some advice on how to handle this?


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Hello. Not sure if you've managed to speak to your boyfriend or your mum yet, I'm hoping that you have so you're not still going through this all by yourself. If you haven't told either of them yet, choosing somewhere quiet when you're both alone to break the news is best, I think.

Maybe you could tell your boyfriend first then both tell your mum together if you're afraid of telling her on your own.  Your mum will hopefully help and support you, she's obviously been pregnant before and will know exactly what you're going through. She may be really shocked at first or even angry but I'm sure she wouldn't want to think of you having to go through being pregnant without her by your side, she's your mum after all. Talking about it should definitely help, so if you still can't face letting your boyfriend or mum know yet, do try and talk to someone else that you trust, like a close friend or a teacher at school. Good luck.

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Well done you for plucking up the courage to tell your mum, it can’t have been easy. Your mum has basically spelt out the 3 options you have: keeping the baby, choosing adoption or choosing a termination.

You and your boyfriend have to think carefully about all the options and decide which is best for you. Seeking advice from trusted adults and close friends is really important too – and may help you with your decision.

Also, your local health department should be able to advise you on what services are available to pregnant teens, it can also help with any health concerns you may have. Medical care is really important during pregnancy so contact your doctor as soon as you can for health check if you haven’t already done so.

There’s a lot of helpful information online about teenage pregnancy too, so do check out websites like teenhelp.com

Good luck.
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My boyfriend and I decided to keep the baby
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A lot of young people get pregnant and make great parents, there's no reason why you guys should be any different. Good luck D.W.

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