Have you ever been in an abusive relationship? (emotional or physical) how did you get through it? If you haven't, great, that's a good thing. *weak smile*


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"Weak smile" you sound so depressed. I have never been in an abusive relationship but I'm guessing by your question, you have? Would you like to share your experience, you don't need to but I came to the conclusion you asked because you wanted closure or someone to discuss it with. 

I have read some books about abusive relationships and the character always gets out of it after they get hurt too badly, they almost die, even with emotional abuse. And with the help of friends and family.

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Unfortunately yes. After a period of time, I guess I just became accustomed to it and thought it was "normal" after being told or insinuations made repeatedly, that everything you do isn't good enough you begin to believe it. Finally, after a very long time, I woke up out of my stupor, and with the help of one local librarian and friend, and one VERY special person whom I will love for eternity, I found my way out. I pulled myself up by my bootstraps, left everything but my clothes and some sentimental things and started anew. 

Thanks to these two people, I have my life back, and a future that I can't wait to get started on.

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My most recent one was emotionally abusive. I wanted more than anything to believe that this guy was a good person, kind, wouldn't hurt anyone.. He had been hurt before, abandoned and I swore never to do that to him. I was a good girlfriend, I thought, I was younger than him but I tried to understand his problems. He promised me and my best friend that he wouldn't hurt me, as others had always done to me. He did hurt me tho, really badly.

I'm done. Can I stop it at that? I just got myself smiling again, I don't want to be upset right now.

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