Has anyone ever gone through a loss that has effected them? How did you handle it?


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I loss my maternal grandparents in 1996 & 1998 , loss my mom 2003

Lost my mom's brother ( uncle) Feb 2014. Still am in shock over their deaths

It's like a nightmare where I can't wake up  .:(

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Absolutely. When I was twelve, my mother died, very in depth story, suffice it to say it affected every aspect of me. But, had that not happened, I wouldn't be the person that I am today. It had an effect on my career choice and many other choices in my life. I always wanted to make her proud, and I think with the last major decision in my life, she would be. I can remember all the fun things we used to do, and that makes me happy. Time has made it easier, but I'll never forget her and will always miss her.

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Yes ! I lost my older brother M.I.A. In 1968 in Vietnam and then my sister to Lupus problems in the early 80's . Both very sad losses for me. Then my sister's daughter died a few years after that from a bad heart, so I had some heavy losses. Both of my parents have been gone for many years now, so there isn't much family left. I lost my best friend, my cousin in Feb. Of this year but have been able to deal with it. It's not easy and time helps. 

I just try to remember the good times we had together and forget the negative. I just tried to keep myself occupied and saw a lot of friends and a very special lady who helped me out when my cousin passed and I made it through. Try to smile and think of the good things ! Talk to the one person you care for the most and let it out. You'll feel better, trust me !

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Definitely tough for you.
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So sorry to hear about your Brother in Vietnam my friend. I was there in 72-73 as a Medavac Pilot/Paramedic and saw a lot of good people die there in that hell hole. I thank him for his service and sacrifice he gave
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Yes,me too..
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Unfortunately, sooner or later we all will face a devastating loss that personally affects us in ways we never thought possible - but then we all go through a grieving period which depends on the person as to length. Time will change all and does heal over time.

When it's a loss of a family member, I tell people to plant a tree or a bush in a very special place that is known to both so as to have some place to talk to this person and it really does help get closure. Anyway, its just time and patience that gets us over our loss

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