Last night was my Senior Prom. My date and I were waiting for our ride along with another couple and she was telling us to hold hands to keep us safe because we were in the city. Does this mean she likes me?


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Of course she likes you! She went to the prom with you....and, she came up with a pretty sly way to get you to hold her hand! Kudos to her!

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Yes, she likes you but play it easy but let her know how you feel.

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Me and the girl have been out twice as friends so I'll go out with her a couple more times so we will see! But the girl was saying that we should hold hands so we will be safe, she was talking to the whole group of us their was 4 of us by the way. I was the only one who was actually holding someones hand my date had her arm crossed with her friend who is a girl the other boy didn't take part. So i'm guessing she might still like like me right?

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