I met this guy about a year ago & now we have come to meet again and chat on a social media site. This weekend, he has asked me to spend the weekend with him, to enjoy dinner/comedy reservations. He is 53 and I'm 40, could this be a good thing?


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Nice Girl answered

See, if you feel comfortable with him and don't mind his age and like him, then go with him. What do you wish to do?

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Lard Ass answered

Of course it's a good thing! You've been brought together for a reason! Why not explore it! Might just be the best thing to ever happen to you! Good luck! :)

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John Kevin , go for it, answered

I think it's worth a try, although I would think your first dates should be in public places.

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Sara Lewis answered

I think it all depends on how you feel about him. 

If you like him, your conversation has been good, and you feel comfortable going to meet with him, then it definitely sounds like a good thing!

You mentioned the age difference, which makes me think that perhaps you are concerned about it, but I wouldn't be. 
In the grand scheme of things, 13 years is not a huge amount, and age is all relative anyway. You might find that when you spend time with him, if you get along well, that you'll forget about it entirely.

If you like him, then my advice to you is to give it a go and see what happens. Spending the weekend with someone is quite a big step, so you may want to just start with dinner and see how that goes. It's always a good idea not to rush into things too quickly. Just take the time to get to know each other face-to-face. That's the fun part!

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