Do gay people have feelings?


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Why wouldn't they? Gay people are human also, so of course they have feelings.

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Yes they do have feelings! We cant judge one by their choices or looks or whatever! They are also humans , obviously they have feelings!

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Yes, why wouldn't they?

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Some say they have even more to give than "normal"(straight) people. They may seem cold at times, but that's usually from a traumatic experience from their past. A lot, especially the elders (over 18-20), had to hold in a lot more at the time. 

People weren't as open as they are now. I wish people wouldn't ask silly questions. We are all one in the same, even if people refuse to believe it.

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D: I'm not an android xD haha I have feelings.... Example, me despising this question proves it ;)

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Do the elderly have feelings? Do the people of Lithuania have feelings? Do Christians have feelings?

Of course gay people have feelings!

All human beings have feelings. It is the one commonality between us all, and your sexual orientation, socio-economic class, religion, race or any other determining factor of difference doesn't affect that.

We might not always agree that these feelings are socially acceptable, for example, Sociopaths may not feel guilt and empathy as most people do, but that is not to say they do not feel anything at all. They may feel happy, or excited at times it is more appropriate to feel sad, but it's still a feeling.

So, YES! Gay people have feelings too. And it could be seen as a bit offensive to ask this question as it dehumanises gay people- so maybe be careful in future!

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Yes, I have a few friends that are gay and they definitely have feelings. Before you ask, bisexuals also have feelings. They are still human, whether you like  it or not. (Don't be mean to people who are gay either, I have a friend who killed himself because people were always being mean to him, and he felt like he was born in the wrong time) Does it really matter if someone is gay?They are no diffrent from the rest of us, and should be treated that way.

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I would think they would feel insulted by this question.  They have the same range of feelings as any other human is capable of.

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