What is a cute paragraph using emojis?


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While I'm normally all about the written language, there is something completely spontaneous and fantastic about emojis!

I had trouble picking just one cute emoji paragraph so, I'll offer two instead. (Even then it was tough to pick!) The good thing about them is they're both simple and easy to make! And, you can even get creative with them if you want.

My Balloon

Get it? I had such a laugh after seeing this emoji paragraph! Who ever created it is a genius: It's simple, dynamic, and the "fart" cloud behind the guy is a great way to show him running after it. Feel free to add in some trees, plants, or maybe some more clouds on different levels!

Finding Nemo

This is also a simple one to make and can be easily done in a matter of minutes if not seconds! Plus, once again, feel free to add in some of your own personal touches.

Why do emojis even exist?

Besides the fact that they're a super fun way of having a conversation, emojis were actually first created for a purpose.

In 1999, mobile phone users in Japan were increasingly sending each other pictures via text. Mobile phone companies were already struggling to support the ever growing popularity in cell phones and text messaging, so that pictures added an even greater problem. Pictures take up a LOT more space than text.

DoKoMo i-mode was the first company to begin using emojis after engineers developed a way people could send each other smaller preset images!

Et voila! Now we have emojis for every activity, and emotion (almost). The next thing they need to do is develop some emojis of different races...

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