I have just found out that i have an admirer. I'm married, and he is messaging me a lot, now. I haven't encouraged him at all. He is someone I know, a friend of my daughter. But how do I deal with this?


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Tell him what you just told us, that you are married and happy with the life that you are living. Let him know that you are flattered but just wanna stay as friends. But just like explain it to him in a nice calm way.

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If you're happily married, then just ignore the messages or block him or come right out and tell him to please stop as you are not interested. It's easy to be nice and say you appreciate it, but you're happily married. If you're not happy with your marriage then it's a whole different story.

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Rooster Cogburn
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Time to tell your husband about this. Be frank with him and up front. Let him talk to this guy before it gets out of hand. Block this person from whatever way he is reaching you and have nothing to do with him. That's downright rude and threatening. BLOCK HIM! Talk to your husband!
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Agreed Rooster, good advice. Stalker comes to mind.....dangerous.
Rooster Cogburn
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It sure does! Cyber-Crime!
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Tell him that you're way older than him and this is not how you approach a lady. If he doesn't stop, then tell his mom.

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Karen King
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Well, to be honest he is a lovely boy, but he is only 18, and yes, I'm flattered that he shows interest, but as I say he is 18 and I know his mum too.

Karen King
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No way, he is 18, and I am happy, why has he fixated on me? That's what I wanna know
Karen King
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What on earth are you talking about? The kid is 18, I know his mum, he knows my daughter. How the hell is sleeping with him and my daughter NOT SICK?
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If it is unwanted attention, tell him you're happily married, hopefully he will respect this and leave you alone, if not block him.

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Personally, and as awkward as it would be, I would have no problem being straight forward with someone who is attempting to inappropriately communicate with me.  That can be done with tact and without humiliation.  Just say the words "I want to say this as politely and kindly as I a can but ... Please don't text me anymore"  .. If he continues, block him.

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