I REALLY like this guy but I don't know if he likes me. How do I find out without him knowing I like him or getting embarrassed by the whole school?


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I'd say forget about what the rest of the school thinks, act confident, buy yourself some nice clothes, put on some hot makeup and strut your stuff girl.

Yeah getting the guy is about looking good, but it's also about FEELING good too.

My advice is try flirting with him a bit, but don't get too carried away. Then if he responds well, invite him to do something with you in private. Make sure it sounds totally innocent. Something like getting food together or watching a film. If he agrees and wants to spend time with you, then this is a sign he likes you.

If he's not into you, then he might say no. That's ok though, because you can ask someone else to hang out instead. That will take the pressure everyone assuming you like him, because then you can argue back "no, I was just bored and wanted to hangout. If I like him, how comes I asked someone else to hangout instead?"

Then when they don't know what to say, you hit them with the line "God, you guys are so immature". It's a killer. No-one will mess with you.

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hey , you know I don't think your alone , we all fear rejection and don't want to directly ask our crush whether he likes us back or not , plus really how will you get humiliated by just having people know you like someone? , well firstly a good way to hint that you ma like him without having him directly know that you DEFINITELY like him is to talk to him a lot , maybe via social media , at school etc. Get to know him better , most definitely GET him to know you better , then he may start go et feelings for you , you know lots of people like the person because a quality attracts them as in , they may be very talkative and interesting and that strikes that person as attractive or good in a guy/girl , so be yourself , then well to get to know if he likes you back again via social media/or talking at school or wherever is he more flirty does he compliment on something you are wearing or whether you look pretty today or something , also if he asks you if you like someone it could mean he wants to know if you like someone else so he can be aware and try to win you haha good luck , though if he really doesn't know you that well don't expect love at first sight , wait crush at first sight I mean :)

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actually u can get embarresed cause if one person finds outthe whole school will kno and u get made fun of
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WELL HONESTLY its happened to me before whole grade knew my crush on this one guy , honestly liking someone shouldn't be humiliating even if the guy may have a bad reputation everyones got reasons and sadly yes we have a very judgemental society.. so of course I know of this humiliation haha

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