My mother is cheating on my dad, she's left the house for random reasons coming back after an hour or so a couple of times, and I found text messages from someone who clearly had a relationship with her. What should I do?


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Option 1: Confrontation

Option one, of course, is to confront her. Ask her up front exactly what's going on. You are her daughter, curious about the issue, and have every right to know. Approach her like an adult would, so that she'll feel more inclined to speak openly to you about it (I have no idea how your relationship stands with your mother). I strongly recommend this option.

Option 2: Do Your Own Digging

I really don't recommend this, but if you are truly gritting your teeth trying to find out what's going on, then go ahead and dig around yourself. Look through letters, text messages, e-mails, phone calls, and anything of the sort. Once again, I am not condoning this!!!

Option 3: Confront The Man In The Relationship

Another very valid option would be to assume a way of contact to the other individual in the relationship and confront that person. Tell them how you feel and be friendly. Make sure, they are aware that you aren't hostile and simply want to ask questions. It is an appropriate step to take.

I really hope this all works out. If you need anything feel free to e-mail me.


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