Have you kept anything from when you were a child or a baby? I kept all my baby clothes, a few toys and my blanket.


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Jil Blue Profile
Jil Blue answered
Yes, because looking at them and having them gives me a warm fuzzies inside. And having something that makes me feel good inside with a happy memory can never be a bad thing. In a world that is complicated, and frustrating, sometimes looking at things that bring you back to simplier times and brings a smile to your face, should be treasured as more important then gold.
Maxine Chan Profile
Maxine Chan answered
I kept my barbie doll and my stuffed animals:)
Nadya Bean Profile
Nadya Bean answered
My baby blanket. Ahah i still sleep with it sometimes...
Richard Scott Profile
Richard Scott answered
Not really. I sold some videos from my childhood on ebay a few years back which went to Australia which was appropriate for me.
Sandy Solorio Profile
Sandy Solorio answered
Yes i have my old baby videos and my baby blanket and my little toys so yea i keep them so i can remember kinda when i was a baby
Kaitlin Bleh Profile
Kaitlin Bleh answered
Yep somewhere in storage I have a whole box of stuffed animals, and this little terrycloth blanket my older brother gave me when I was a baby :)
Hans Diidorr Profile
Hans Diidorr answered
I wish i had something =( my mums kept a few of my baby dresses and i dont remember them but now she wants to give them to my cousins and i love them too much to say no ^_^
Mimi Espanosa Profile
Mimi Espanosa answered
I kept all my stuffies but my favorite 1 (i had since i was born[my dad sent it he was in the navy at the time]) still lays on my pillow :)
Dylan Bailey Profile
Dylan Bailey answered
Yep got lots of stuff and also my old tedybear and today i dress him up in my baby clothes and there perfet fit.

P.s in my clothes my old tedybear looks so cute
sofia kim Profile
sofia kim answered
I kept my barbies..no wait i sold them in a garage sale..nvm

i think i kept a couple of stuff animals...hmmmm...

Pictures count too right ? XD

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