What Country Has The Sexiest Men And Women?


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There are artificial sexy men and woman and really sexy men and woman.  With artificially (meaning people who had plastic surgery done on them to be more sexy) I would say the US win without a doubt and when we talk about really sexy people I would say Sweden and Germany
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Probably the country with the highest population, which would be China.
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I tend to think a lot reside/come from Australia. Seems every time I feel that someone is good looking, whether male or female, they come from there.
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Brazil, and sweden
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Hi Keith,

I know it's probably a matter of opinion, but I think Slovakia has some of them for sure!

All, the best!
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Ghana, Nigeria, Korea, China, Vietnam all of them I really love the way in each country they all have this really cute and cool look. You know their own body design. I really love the elderly and if they ever get hurt my heart starts to hurt.
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I'd say France. They REALLY know how to make LOVE over there.
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Do they really ? Have U experienced this yourself ? What have U used for comparison ? I think it's a..."whatever floats your boat" kind of thing.
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Mars. It is classified as a country in some encyclopedic minds. They have such sexy, purple skin. So many of the answers are bias. I think it's lame. A question like this should be expectant of sensitive answers i guess.
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I agree...We all have our biases on this subject. I didn't even answer correctly. Question asked for the "sexiest" people. Nobody can pick that. "Sexiest" is only according to the beholder or experience of. Isn't it ?
Plus, all countries have their sexiest & most good looking. That's why we have things like a Miss/Mrs./Mr. Universe contests. Candidates come from all over the world.
I just noted which I felt had a lot of good looking guys & gals. Chose for both sexes, not only 1 sided.
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I think overall each country has their share of plain & sexy men/women. Its hard to pinpoint though because we all have such different taste in what we find sexy & alluring.

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