Does Divorce Make Children Sad?


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Absolutely, if they are little. My nephew has a 4 yr old, young wife left and child doesn't understand why Mommy isn't home or when she stays with her aunts where mommy is when she doesn't come home all night.  
Older children can think it's their fault if they are unruly.  They can also be glad because the parents fight all the time.
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It's only natural for children to want their parents to be married and living in one household. It is truly pathetic how badly the morals of our great nation have declined and many families have been broken. But, in many cases, it is better for the children rather than have them live in turmoil with fussy and/or violent parents. It's just sad that adults cannot adhere to a commitment and raise children with love and nurture them in the manner that God expects for children are so innocent and often become the victims for NO wrongdoing of their own.
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It depends on the parents that are divorcing. If it was a good life and relationship for the child then yes I believe it does make them sad to have their parents divorce. On the other hand if the relationship is stressed for any reason then divorce may be the best option and in that case I think the child may feel relieved.
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Oh yes, for sure & it sometimes makes them think it's all their fault.
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I suppose it depends how much they like both of their parents. Usually it would be pretty sad though.
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It makes them more than just sad. It is psychologically traumatizing in almost every case. If you only knew how hard my divorce was on my children.

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