Can Anyone Become My Friend On Blurtit?


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Hey M, You've got 664 friends now. Do you think you may be just a wee bit greedy lass?
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emma loveees youuu xo
LOL don't think i'm showing off or anything but it's mostly other people who send me friend requests, and please note that it was not me that asked this question, i just shared it with you :D
Janhavi P.
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I have got only 39 friends. You have not seen my profile.
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Well i already am...but i'll share this question with ppl :D
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Sure friend ..,
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Yes.  Anyone can become your friend on Blurtit.  There's no restrictions on who can become your friend.  As long as the person you ask accepts your friend request, or you accept theirs.
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When viewing any question - or answer, you will see a small green dot., followed by the word "friend". Directly under that user' avatar. Click on the dot, and a friendship request will be sent.
REMEMBER ALL, Only English is permitted on site.
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I'm already your friend.
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Hiya and yep anyone who you want to be your friend can be (: All you need them to do is accept the invite (:

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