Do You Have Friends On Blurtit?


18 Answers

Robyn Rothman Profile
Robyn Rothman answered
Sure, you can. Just go to the person's profile, scroll down towards the bottom on the right side, and click on Make Me Their Friend. Then you just have to wait until the people respond. I suggest that you edit your profile, and make your Shout Box available to everyone for the time being. You can change it back to friends only at a later time if you wish.
Trey Profile
Trey answered
Yes just go to their profile and click make me their friend-Trey
Mike Profile
Mike answered
Yes I do. I have 261 friends
Billy Price Profile
Billy Price answered
I have 1035 friends
Tamalika Mukherjee Profile
Yeah,I do have friends and you can be one of them if you wanna...just go to my profile or anyone Else's and below the list of friends,you'll see an option called Make Me Their Friend Now you'll just have to wait and see whether the person accepts or declines your friend request.
suman kumar Profile
suman kumar answered
Unless and untill you use abusive language, everybody can be your friend. I have made a lot of friends in this site

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