What's Your Epitaph?


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Mati green answered
I think mine would say..... "now who are you gonna blame"? Lol
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Daniel Baugh answered
Here I lie all covered with brush but is actually quite lush; my front-side is not covered yet so it may make you young ladies blush.
you can call me WOLF Profile
I don't know, but something about love, animals, and/or dance. Sorry, not very descriptive! =)       =(
Pamela Krueger Profile
Pamela Krueger answered
Here I am laid to rest,
all decked out in my Sunday best,
as you stop to see me one last time, you may shed a tiny tear,
but..... Ya'll come back now, YA HEAR!!
John Profile
John answered
I don't want to be buried . I want to be cremated and mixed in a bucket of yellow paint and sprayed down the middle of the highway.
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Mati green
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Lol. Reminds me of a television show where they showed how some company somewhere took peoples ashes and molded them with plastic into various things. One woman had her husband molded into a toilet seat. One could do a lot of speculation regarding their relationship.
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I don't care, I'll be gone :) they could bury me in a plastic bag for all I care and pee on my grave as if I'll know know about it. So as long as it is something sarcastic I'm down with it.

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