What Is Something That Will Bring Sincerity, Dedication And Commitment In Someone?


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Sincerity - one does not cultivate sincerity, for to do so is to render it insincere.  So in other words, sincerity is a quality that requires brutal honesty with oneself; you must understand and be honest about your feelings, passions, values, thoughts, and when your actions are consistent with those, you have sincerity.

Dedication - it comes from a true desire for something, usually preceded by a passion or great interest in something.  Few of us are truly dedicated to something that holds no value, passion or interest for us.  All people are truly dedicated to some things, although they may not name them consciously.  It seems you are indeed dedicated to self examination and improvement, and so you already have dedication in this area.  Dedication is another quality that cannot be faked.  Dedication is an authentic commitment (whatever the reason for commitment).

Commitment - similar to dedication, and this is what underlies dedication.  People are committed to people, causes, things when there is personal value seen in doing so.  Commitment may be dedicated to something because of the principle involved, and because the value system of the person committing understands it/holds it to be important in their personal estimation.

Another thought-- I am sure you love and respect your father's experience and views.  But do not make the mistake of believing someone (even your father) knows you better than you know yourself.  His statements may be based in personal interpretation and perceptions.  For example, by virtue of having even asked this question, it seems you either already have, or certainly have the potential, for all 3 qualities.  I wish you the best,  I hope you hold a positive thought for your continued growth, and send you all encouragement in the journey.

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You know Dusti.....my stepfather used to tell my mother that I'd never amount to anything....that I'd never finish school and that I'd always depend on others.....boy did that get my dander up!!!  I was bound and determined to prove that man wrong and I DID!!!  Don't ever let someone else control something that they have NO control over.....and that is WHO YOU ARE AND WHO YOU WANT TO BE!!!  Only YOU can control that and or change that.  I've always heard that parents sometimes see themselves in their kids.....maybe he sees a part of himself in you and is trying (although in the wrong way) to get you to see that about yourself.  If where you are or who you are isn't where or who you want to be....CHANGE IT!!!  The things that are most important in life, the things that no one can take away from you...are these things.....Sincerity, Honesty, dedication,  commitment, faith, hope & LOVE.....these are virtues that we all have to work on....but if these were the words used in my epitaph.....I'd know that I had met my goal in life, that I had been the person I wanted to be to myself and to others.  You can do this, I know you can.....be the person you want to be.....not who your dad is dictating that you are.  Prove him wrong....for yourself.....not for him.
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I would say determination,once you decide to do something stick to it,for instance complete a task,once you have started it,make liers out of those that say you can't, you won't etc. Like the saying goes practice makes perfect so you will have to complete any and all task many times,so that you will get use to it and that will become just the way you are dedicated to a task etc...good luck
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This trait should have been taught during your child hood,but it is never too late as long as there is breath...
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Dusti... The other responses are wonderful. It is good to see the "sincerity" of opinion. The "dedication" to help another. And "commitment" to mankind.

I also was brought up in a negative environment = today I realize so was my father. I have gained much in this realization.
At 48 I still struggle with confidence - we all do at times...

I have although, found inner love and have learned to cultivate that - no matter what someone says to me "I" know who I am. Today I am a practicing Artist - my life long pursuit. And am getting better everyday. The focus on what I am doing every moment and knowing it is good gives me confidence.

Believe you are blessed to have been able to have the sincerity,dedication, and confidence to write your question....

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