What's your weird fear?


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I have a HORRIBLE fear of getting lost while driving because I have a really hard time with directions-I honestly think it's some type of learning disability - I can't tell which way is north or west or east or south, I get so confused -so I have to drive by landmarks (meaning recognizing buildings and such) and if they tear down buildings  or build one, I start to panic because nothing  looks the same. So because of that, I have an OCD thing where I have to drive the same way each time I go to a particular destination,  and if someone  else is driving,  I tell them they have to go that same way as I would have or I have a panic attack -so besides all of that,  I am just about perfect LOL

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Cindy  Lou
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@Jan- I have started using my phone too, but it takes me a while. I look it up and REALLY study it and try to get it all in my mind. You can even choose which way you will go if riding a bicycle, or walking, besides the driving way, and I will study that too to further help me understand it. But my daughter in law and her daughter, they use it AS THEY ARE DRIVING. Her daughter, age 13, holds the phone in the passenger seat and tells her mom which way to turn (they have the destination all punched in) and how soon that turn is coming up based all on what's on the phone screen. I don't know how they do it, but they travel even longer distances this way too. I have to write each step all on paper because I can't be looking at a phone while I drive-I will have a wreck. I think I will price GPS's because this fear of directions is actually keeping me from getting out as much as I should.
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@yin- that made PERFECT SENSE to me. If someone says "you go about 5 miles and turn East, then 3 more miles turn South" I will totally blank out. My mind begins to actually sizzle -lol- and then I say "could you repeat that using the words "turn "right" or "left"?" And they just stare and me, but they will do it. Then I will say "okay what buildings or businesses are near that turn?" This gets especially embarrassing if I am lost on my way to a doctors appointed and lost on some highway and I call them "I will be late I am lost" they ask me where I am and I say "I have no idea where I am all I know is I think I have gone too far". I have actually BACKED UP ON THE. HIGHWAY" to get to an exit I have missed (we don't have much traffic here as you can tell) but put me in Houston and their crazy two circles of highway they have circling their city to get places makes perfect sense to me. I know I will eventually end up back where was and I could drive there really well when visiting my son. I am left handed and thought that had something to do with it, but I don't know about that.
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Good. I'm like you and yin. I go the same route and look for landmarjs.
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Squirrels , I'm honestly terrified of squirrels..  Because long story and I'm not in a rambling mood so I won't bore you with the details :) . I'm also afraid of people who smell like kitty litter.

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I'm scared of women called "Colin".

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I fear that I'll trip and fall against a curb and knock my teeth out.

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Nice ! The only teeth I've had removed were my wisdom teeth back in my early 20's ... I had the option of being put out for it or stay awake . My dentist told me if I was put out for it they may break my jaw because I have a small mouth so I chose to stay awake . And now when I get lippy and told I have a big mouth I can say well I have a professional opinion that's says ... NO I DO NOT !
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It's always good to have professional backup when you are accused of having a big mouth.
I still have my wisdom teeth. They haven't given me any wisdom though.
Ancient Hippy
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No, not at all Yin. I think I'd try to superglue them back in.
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I don't really think i have any huge irrational fears.. But a bunch of small, normal ones, i guess. One being losing all my friends or them all hating me.

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I don't like the sound of motorcycles; when one goes by where I live, I innately wince at it. As a kid I was legitimately afraid of the sound and would start crying if a particularly loud one went by, but even today I have a very visceral reaction to the sound.

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After watching too many episodes of snapped im afraid some crazy women will put poison in my pepsi or on my cigars so i keep all crazy women away from me

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Hey ! I'm a crazy woman !! 😽😾😹🙀😻😺😸😿😼
Crazy cat lady..... 😜
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No your ok you havent met my sister toni she is certified crazy
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Oh my gosh that is a scary show!! You are right there are some crazy women out there!
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My biggest fear is that my Amazon account will be suspended, so I found a useful manual by howly beforehand. This article provides a number of recommendations that, if they do not help you quickly unblock your account, they will definitely warn against making common mistakes that can greatly aggravate the situation.

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