If You Found Your Long Lost Love After 35 Years Would You Contact Him, Just To See How His Life Turned Out? Truly No Other Reason.


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My first love still lives in the South where I grew up and I went to see him after almost twenty something years and he was married with children, I went to see his mother and he happened to come in while I was there.
He was shocked, told me I looked the same, only thing my hair was more gray, I was born with a patch of gray hair, anyway he came to see me and he said he has never gotten over me and why did I leave, he would have married me, but I knew it couldn't happen he had problems and his father ran his life, so I left.
Some part of me wanted to know if he ever thought about me, and he did, one day he came to my grandmother's house and we kissed, and he told me then he could never be around me alone again, because he still had that feeling for me. I also found out from my step-father he could come over to his house to see when was I coming home to visit and that I will always be his first love and he would always love me no one would or could ever take my place in his heart, I'll be there until the day he dies.
So, after I found that out I have his phone number and his address, but I can't call him it would be too hard, because he will always be my first love as well, I don't want to interfere in his life. Be honest with yourself why you want to contact him, if it's only to say hi and ask how his life turned out okay, but you can find that out through friends and family. Think before you act.
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Your answer was very good. I did contact him and it went very well. I truly just wondered how he was . I have been married almost 35 years, he knew my husband as well. My husband was aware i found him and no problem we all went to school together. The internet is connecting more people togher then would be possible other wise. We are in different states and just writing was the only contact, and that was enough. Thanks for your response, i can see where that could cause a problem.
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I think why not. You have to be careful if you are in a relationship but it is always nice to catch up with someone like that and find out what has happen in their life. I bet 9X out of 10 they are not quite as good or special as they were in your mind/dreams
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I was happy to know that he was so much more. He's married with children & grandchildren and so am i. It was great hearing from him, he knows my husband too, we all went to high school together. I am glad i found him after all this time.

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