What Would You Do If You Were Led Into A Bad Situation Blindly?


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Friends or not, you need to decide if their bad lifestyles are going to affect you- now AND in the future.  That is, certain jobs will investigate waaaaaaay back and whatever you were doing, with whom and where you were living and why, ETC.- believe me, it can come back to haunt you.  And "big brother" ain't interested in excuses- believe me, I know this first hand.
And most importantly, if you just don't agree with whatever lifestyles they're practicing....you need to start looking elsewhere...period.  I know you say that you have no other choice right now, but at the very least, try finding perhaps a temporary solution and hopefully something even better will come your way :)
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Lena JH
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Thanks, I have been looking around for other solutions. I'll just have to see.
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My mom always told me that your friends are not the ones who are going to bury you if something happens to you. At the end, your family will be the ones who will be paying the price.
You need to think about yourself first, what's best for you. That's how you can become successful. Don't let your friends hold you back on things you have to accomplish. Are they going to feed you everytime you're starving? Taking care of your every little needs? Maybe they are helping out as of now but they wont for the rest of their lives. DO what's healthy for you. Take care.  
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We always have choices.


We often in life find ourselves in difficult and
unexpected situations.  It is at this
point we define ourselves by making our choices.  We must decide and prioritize as to comfort and safety—perhaps we
must decide as to well-being and integrity and are tasked with finding the
right answer for ourselves, but we ALWAYS have another choice.  Examine what is most important to you, and
then feel no guilt about your answers. 
It sounds like you are having a struggle between what you want to
believe is “right” and what you are actually living.  Do not be afraid of deciding what is most right in your own life,
and do the best you can in acting on that—it’s the most anyone can ask of themselves—to
be in personal integrity.  If it doesn’t
feel right to you and it is bothering you to the point of asking this question,
it’s probably a signal you should change things.
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Lena JH
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The only decision I see is not going to school anymore this semester so that I can move out and go back home to NY, which the commute to my school is over an hour. So in this case I see myself having limited choices. Thanks though
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I think you have all the answers here you need but... I just wanted to say that for future reference you have to be fully aware of the things you are getting yourself into. Your young, and pretty and sound very smart. You have to always think ahead and consider how it is going to affect your future. The smallest things can take years to repair. Always listen to your inner voice, your instincts will always lead you in the right direction. If your friends can't understand that and respect your decisions then they aren't your friends. Misery loves company. Good luck!
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Lena JH
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Thank you, I definitely know for the future that just because someone's my friend that I can blindly trust their decisions.
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If a big part of your friends' lives is doing what you describe as being "terrible lifestyles" then inevitably, you will grow apart since you are not participating. I agree that you should begin looking for other friends who have compatible lifestyles with you incase these friends end up not being there for you in the future. It is really hard, but in the years to come, you may find that more and more of your friends are starting to live terrible lifestyles, and to keep yourself from getting hurt or disappointed in your friends, you will have to make new friends that are healthier.
Believe me, it has happened to me over and over again. Try planning for a way to have different roommates next time. Good luck! And be patient!
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Lena JH
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Yeah I see a distance in our relationship now; they ask me to join them every now and then and I say no. They have more to talk about with each other and I get excluded. They see nothing wrong with what they do, they enjoy it but I see it as a life of sin. I'm just waiting to finish school so I can be free of this situation. I just wanted to know if I'm doing the right thing according to others' opinions
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Honestly, I would sublet and let them lead their lives and learn from any mistakes.
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To be more specific to my situation without actually stating what is: Pretty much I said I would move in with them after cancelling my housing contract on our college campus. I had no idea what the neighborhood was like but it is a bad neighborhood. I get off work late and take a bus home and it's a scary experience waiting around crackheads and walking alone in the dark 4 blocks... Anyway, when I say they live terrible lifestyles I don't want you to mistake it with them being slobs, or drinking alcohol. What I speak of is a lifestyle that if they don't be careful they can fall into rock bottom or end up dead.
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You need to choose your friends, according to your life style or which matches your lifestyle. Some times different lifestyles people become good friends. But indifferent lifestyles means, you need to stay away
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Always go on your instincts that we are born with. Keep looking for another place to live also. You cannot keep this up or it will eat you alive. You have to watch out for number one...that is you.

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