How Do You Deal With Someone Who Has An Obsession With You?


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Brenda Harrell answered
Hi, first of all you must distance yourself from him. He maybe more dangerous than you think. Talk to someone professional about him, please do not take his advances lightly. He seems like he is in denial. You must stop talking to him or seeing him. Get as far away from him as possible. You may need to report him to the police. Do not play with his emotions. Take care!
AISHA WAJID answered

I think you should clear him properly that you can't carry any kind of relation with him, in a polite manner.Than try, not to meet or talk with him. But if he continues disturbing and scaring you, than its time to take some proactive action against him. You might can go for some legal action, if necessary.
But in the end, if that guy is innocent and just loves you madly and you are leaving him for no reason than please dont play with his emotions.
Anyhow do decide in a proper way what to do and than act accordingly. Take care!
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I can't imagine how much more clearer I can make myself !!! I tried just about everything from being compassionate and nice to being nasty and mean. I've even spoke to professionals about my problem and they agree it's beyond love, it's an obsession. His so called love is going to kill me, like he said " he loves me to death ", I do care about him but on another level, I'm not in love with him. No matter what I say it wouldn't matter to him, he insists that I love him. Now what????
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alexis I can understand that you would be in great tension because of him. As you said, you don't love him so now I think you should avoid him. If he doesn't stop disturbing and threatening you, than make a recording of his call in which he threat to kill you if you wont marry him and go for some legal action against him with proof. Because he doesn't seems to love you but in fact he is a mentally sick person as one who loves you can never hurt. Take care.
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I think it depends on how much they are harassing you. I mean if they are stalking you, constantly phoning you, checking where you are then i do think you should get the police involved. But if they are just getting on your nerves and keep calling you then you just need to sit them down and tell the person to back of a little because you need some air to breathe.
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Well i guess first try to not break his or her heart. Try to make them understand that you don't feel anything for him or her.If they still don't understand and you have tried that before than you are going to have to lie or make up an imaginary boyfriend. If the person still doesn't understand that you don't like them then just ignore them.
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Christina Madera
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I myself am STILL going through garbage like this with someone I ended it with 6 years ago! In my case-I have had to choose a "legal" route (ie-getting police involved, attorney, investigator,etc.). Just PLEASE be careful and do ALL YOU CAN (especially if he's stalking you or having someone he knows stalk you) to stay away from him and eventually he'll get the message. Usually-in the case of obsession alone where there is NO ACTUAL LOVE INVOLVED), he may get obsessed with someone else and hence-leave you alone. Good luck-I wish you the best dear.

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