What Makes Someone Funny?


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A funny person is not always laughing. He is an individual who can makes others smile.
A funny person is always entertaining and has many interesting topics to talk about.
Humour and wit are two main things which make a funny a man.
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a funny man hafto have funny jokes and always be happy never be sad so he can make any one sad most happy in the world that's how to be one happy man for ever
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It depends on who you are and if they make a joke if it sounds original and funny. Most funny people have either a dry sense of humor, a joking sense of humor, and some just are naturally funny! BE YOURSELF!
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The beauty of the human race is that we are all different but at times this can bring conflict among people with different views on certain things. There are many comedians and comediennes around out there that make a great living out of making people laugh. But what makes them funny? There is more to comedy than just telling a joke and if you just tell a joke without any personality, it will not go down well especially in front of a crowd.

People who are funny, they are able to captivate people and then make them laugh out loud with tales, anecdotes, comic gags and even pulling funny faces. Everyone has their own views on what makes them laugh and who is funny. Most people have their own sense of humour so when one person may be funny to some they may not be to others.
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Their sense of humor
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Sense of humor!!
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I think it's a blend of talent, character, the sense of humor, and the timing that makes someone very funny. I quite likeJack Black. He has the character and a unique talent of taking any mundane situation and turning it into something hilarious. He is also spontaneous and i think it's another important factor. His video on top ten things that you don’t want to hear when shopping featured on David Letterman's The Late Show was simply hilarious.
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Is a genetic hormonal trait in which it is located above the purity glands.
In this hormonal traits your brain sends signal that makes some one funny or not funny
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