Should students be dating in secondary school?


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Absolutely NOT. Dating in my book is when a boy picks a girl up and then the opportunity to have sex is there. However, in my daughters day, a date can just be hanging around at school which is NOT a date. Anyway, secondary school is still a kid and kids should NOT be having sex because they do not understand that the body is a temple and/or the responsibilities that come with Sex. You have the REST of your life to have sex. Why rush it? .
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Betty Cheng answered
SCHOOL RULES are implied to say, NO. However, SOCIETY has taken a toll of saying, YEA, it's alright.

I believe dating in secondary school is somewhat ok. I'm not really confident to fully say YES yet because it depends on what type of relationship we are actually talking about here. If the relationship is INNOCENT and clearly shows both parties have an interest in each other, I would say YES, go ahead and date. But if the relationship is SCANDALOUS and obviously shows both parties don't give a F*** who they are doing it with, then I would say NO, don't you DARE start drama or rumors.

Unfortunately, I am more on the side of YES, it's ok for STUDENTS to start dating in secondary school because we CANNOT stop their CURIOUSITY at that age. At the same time, we should try to educate some REALITY to our young TEENS about relationships, love, life and sex.
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No they shouldn't be, it is too young age.
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As a teacher, as must say NO. Study first.

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