What Is The Correct Age To Admit A Child To School?


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If you like, you can send it to playschool when its between one and four. Bring it to proper school between the ages of four and six.
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In most places a child is admitted to school at the age of 5 or 6 but in recent times a number of children have been admitted to school as soon as they are 4 years old. According to most educationists the formal learning process should not be foisted upon children at a very early age. Instead the natural learning process of the child wherein the child learns about various things by observing and questioning is more important as it fosters the habit of thinking and working out solutions to problems without any restrictions.

The more spontaneous is the learning process the better will be the overall development of the child. The learning process should according to most educationists be a continuous process not something that starts and ends in school or is restricted to doing homework at home. Fuelling a child's imagination should be the goal rather than giving readymade lessons, a child has to be inquisitive to be a good learner. Ideally a child should have at least completed 5 years of age before being admitted to a school.

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