What Should 11 Year Olds Wear To School?


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Audrey C answered
To be casual you should wear skinny jeans, tee shirt, and converse, to be kinda Gurley you should where a jean skirt with leggings flats and cute top
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Well I know being eleven is hard, you in the middle of being a little kid, to a teen __BUT what ever you do don't wear athletic shoes to school! That WILL make you look dorky, unfashionable and nerdy! Don't wear flare jeans FYI those went out of style in 2003! Don't wear dangle earrings!! Those went out of style too! Don't wear makeup just yet (if girl) wearing makeup at this age makes you look like you try to hard to be older, don't let your mom dress you anymore if she still does! Hope this helped :D!
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Skinny jeans , leggings , denim shorts , tank top , singlet ,  mini skirt and just a cool shirt and theat would look good with a pare of Converse sneakers
Maryan (well, Maryanna, but I like to call myself Maryan only) & Tanya! Profile
Well, when I was 11 I wore jeggings, skinny jeans, tube top or a singlet, cute tee's and mini skirts. :P

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