Why Will A Guy Watch Two Girls But A Girl Can't Watch Two Guys?


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I don't want to sound sexist, but like James brown said "it's a man's world but it wouldn't be nothing without a woman's touch." so when men says let there be a war, then a war is imminent. Whatever men says or believes, then it's OK. So when you watch Jerry springer, and movies such as boys don't cry, wild things, and monster, how many men do you see at the theater. You see a lot, but when movies such as brokedown mountain is playing, men will freak out and say that's nasty. Men are more immature, freakier, and homophobic than women. Not all men, but most. It's a double standard society. Gay is gay. I heard men say that there's no such thing as a bisexual man, because if he likes men then he's gay. But if a girl likes both then she is bisexual. You get me. Men like to eat their cake and have it and even if it's wrong, it still goes their way no matter what. If you ask me, this is coming from a guy's point of view if a man or woman likes both sexes, they are both bi. See most guys are like children. They don't want to admit to something being what it is when it is what it is. So don't let that bother you and if you are uncomfortable with this situation don't let anybody force you. The first thing in the law of nature is yourself. You have to do what's right for you. Don't do it because another man wants you to. Because if you ask him to do it and he says no, then he's taking advantage of you or trying to control your life and you don't want a control freak. You do this threesome because you want to do it, not because somebody told you to. Again it's double standards and these standards don't make sense, but men made them up and I think they are very stupid and childish sometimes, but that can be in most men's nature. And a girl can watch two guys if she wanted to. Who told you that you couldn't? That is your business. Anytime a man can watch another woman eating another woman out is a freak. It's just men are curious about things like that. So if you are curious, then watch. Who are they to judge you and say that it's wrong. They wouldn't want their daughters to be gay so they have a lot of nerve. Girl, you do what you want to do. Remember this and do what satisfies you!
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The question isn't very clear, but if it's watch in terms of gay-lex thing, then this is my suggestion.
A guy can watch a lesbian movie and feel erotic. The reason seems to be that most guys don't need to be emotionally attached to a lady before he would make love to her, he just needs to get the mental fuel, maybe even via imagination. In other words, watching two ladies make love, really is fun to some guys, solely to create the mental fuel of masturbation.
But to some ladies, watching a gay movie doesn't have anything to write home about. Since she needs to be emotional before having sex, it doesn't promote love and respect which is the least of what I believe an average lady needs to get emotional.
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Two Guys !!   Two Girls!!     EEK !!!!!   Seesee
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Who says that a girl can't watch two guys having sex?  I've watched up to four guys having sex, live and in person, while I and their girl friends looked on, enjoying their show.  Then the girls put on a show.
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Rent a dirty movie of two guys and watch it. I would (did) and it is really not all that exciting. Watch it anyway!

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