Where Do I Find Friends That Have The Same Interest I Do, In Studies Like PE, Health, Physical Therapy?


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R Maye Profile
R Maye answered
Start with putting your interests on here. Also, if you are talking a PE class, talk to the people that look like they actually enjoy being in that class. Also, enroll in classes that you're interested in and you're bound to meet people that share these same interests. The most important thing is "don't be shy". Open up. A lot of people are afraid to start a conversation...just be friendly, smile at people, say hi and start a conversation...usually with an open ended question, not a question that could be answered yes or no. Good Luck.
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Ambreen Misbah answered
You should join after school activities in fields of your interest. You are bound to find people there who share your interests.
brejon kinniebrew Profile
Hey when people say hi and talk to you, you could ask if there interstied in your like a friendly way PEACE!

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