What Is The Best Chat Room Just For Someone Looking For Friends Only?


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The best place for you to meet new friends is of course the Internet phenomenon, Facebook. Facebook is undoubtedly the best social networking site that's available; today as it allows you to connect with people you already know and get to know people that you don't. Once you have signed up and you have added all the people that you know, you will be able to chat o them and share images.

Once you are more confident with Facebook you can start liking pages and joining groups. This will allow you to connect with new friends from all over the world who have the same interests and tastes as you. You can just add them as a friend by visiting their limited profile and choosing the 'add as friend' button. If they agree and want to add you as a friend, and obviously become friends with you, then they will accept it and start sharing things with you on Facebook.

When somebody accepts your friend request you will be able to see more information about that person, and you will be able to share things like videos, links, images and just some thoughts with them either through their wall or private messages.

You can of course join online chat rooms, but in recent years these have become much less popular. This is because social networks allow you to learn more about a person, where as you could be talking to literally anybody if you decide to chat on a chat room. So if you're looking to meet new people, whether they're of the same interest as you or not, then Facebook is your friend. Use groups and fan pages as a great way of meeting new people, just sign up today on the homepage www.facebook.com and you'll soon have many new friends.
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This is what I think I'm looking for. I'm middle age and have just been back in California for a few months.  I now find myself at home a lot due to the fact I move back from Texas to help my father who is up in age.  I'm also planning on go to college.  It will be paid my the V.A. Due to my past military service.  Looking for a relationship isn't really in my plans as of now.  But finding good friends is a must.
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Hey Brattie,
  My Name is Bobbie. I saw your post here and would like to tell you about www.itsachat.com . I have been a member there for about 11/2 years. I've earned the title of VIP there as some of the others there have. It is a completely free site, NO SEX--NO DATING. There are forums with every topic you can think of, 50 games not to mention the doodle board, There are so many things to do there, you really need to grab a friend and come check us out! You'll find lots of friends and a lot of laughter. So hurry up, we're waiting to meet you!

  Bobbie VIP
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I haven't the faintest. I just have a lot of empty time most days an would like to shoot the breeze with someone.I don't even know how a chatroom works.
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Chatrooms for people who looking for just friends because you married friend is all I want not cheating
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Hi, There is a web site called camchat.org, no nudity allowed, not pickin people up. Sometimes its slow but it can be fun. A few people drink and just chill out and talk. Its a nice place

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