Are friends more important than parents?


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mahta M.A answered
Well nope. Friends come and go. They can be the bests for you but not the ones who will always love and care you. Your parents would always be with you in your troubles in your hapiness in your regrets and everything that happens. But friends can not stay with you forever. One day sth would happen to make you and your friends break up your friendship. So just count on your family. They are the ones for you!
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Kelly Dodsworth answered
No! Your parents, teach you, feed you, cloth you, educate you, and love you can your friends do all that. It is understandable that teens  wish to spend more time with their friends but what they do not understand is how much parents go though to raise them. So if your next question is should I be spending more time with my parents  than with friends? No but make sure you spend some time with your parents and show them you do care.

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