What Can I Say If Someone Says "You're Rich"? I Don't Like It When People Say That.


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You will be rich in the future.
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I would be happy if they told me that I was rich and it would actually be true, why not? When people see how I dress, they think that I have a lot of money, although I just know how to choose the right clothes. Recently, I asked for help from a custom software development company to create software and many of my friends began to think that I was some kind of important person with money, although this is a common thing, isn't it?

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Saying "you can get anything you want because you,re rich" , is actually a silly and misleading statement because you cannot and neither can anyone else "get anything they want"
I,m assuming that by rich you mean you have money!   Well rich people can get more and better MATERIAL things but ,to me, that is not being rich. Rich people are subject to the same illnesses ( though they can have better access through paying privately ,for possible better, earlier treatment) and the same troubles as the rest of us. For example they can be orphaned, get cancer and die, no matter what treatment they pay for, be involved in accidents like car crashes, have unhappy marriages and all the rest of it . Rich people can also become more materialistic and can never be satisfied, if they so choose. They can always want more riches.   To me, a rich person would be truly rich if they gave to the suffering people and animals in this world ,of the things that many of us cannot give as money restricts us. Ie the building of a sanctuary. There  are a couple of married middle aged lottery winners in the UK that have given treats to underprivileged children , days out etc and they seem to brim over with delight and happiness that their money allows them to give enjoyment to.But many rich people are not givers at all and become selfish in outlook, which, to me, is not being rich at all but only rich with a big bank balance. So tell them that rich (in money) people cannot have everything at all. BUT they can lose out a lot too, especially if they become selfish and uncaring. In other words there is much more to riches than  money, much,much more. Cheers. .
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But how should I respond though?..
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Seklylia Hi, Just respond by saying that money does NOT buy everything. That you cannot have EVERYTHING that you want. That riches are found in more things than just money. Cheers.

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