I Can Hear My Parents Having Sex And It's Sort Of Disgusting. What Do I Do? 


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You're right to be disgusted! Whilst we all know that our parents probably get up to all of the same activities as the rest of us humans do, there's a big difference between knowing and hearing!

Blocking out the sound by listening to music on your headphones might be one way of dealing with the situation in the short term, but in the long run you'll probably need to let them know that their noisy sex is bothering you.

Hearing your parents having sex

The only thing more traumatizing than hearing your parents in throws of passion would be to actually see them.

To ensure that they keep their sexual activity to themselves, you'll need to first make them aware of that you can hear them.

Often this can be done by simply making a loud noise yourself, or banging on the wall. The chances are that if they can hear you, it might make them realize that you can hear them.

Parents making noise during sex

If they still don't get the hint, you may need to bring the issue up with them.

This might be very embarrassing for you, but it'll be the most effective way of putting an end to your parents' noisy romps.

Simply tell them how uncomfortable hearing them having intercourse makes you feel (or if you're too shy to confront them face-to-face, then put your complaint in writing).
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Adrian Masters answered
We were on vacation one time and I woke up early to go to the bathroom.

I passed by my parents room on the way to the bathroom. They were doing it and I saw it. It was gross. I left quickly before they saw me.

That was about 28 years ago and it still bothers me today.

Good luck coping with it. Look on the good side though. They still love each other and there is no chance of them getting a divorce.

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