My man spends a lot of time with me at home, but he doesn't take me out anywhere. He'll go with his friends but he never goes with me. Comments?


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Oh, wow. That's completely unacceptable. He's taking you for granted.
If you don't want to just throw him out on his ear, then make him wonder where you're going, where you've been. Put the shoe on the other foot.
Stop being home when he comes home; let him come home to an empty house. Get all dressed-up and go out with your girlfriends, or, just go to a movie by yourself. Or shopping at the mall. Or to the library for a couple of hours. Or take yourself out to dinner. Let him come home to an empty house after a night-out with the boys. Oh, yeah, he'll start gettin' worried in a big hurry.
He doesn't have to know you're doing all this stuff by yourself if you can't find a friend to go with you. You just need to make him start wondering where the hell you're at!
Men go nuts when their women take-off. They seem to think it's perfectly natural for men to do such a thing, but their woman!?! No way! They start to get all suspicious. GOOD. They should.
And if they don't, then it's time to rethink this relationship. If a man isn't moved enough by your absence to get possessive, then he's not the man for you.
Get travel brochures from a travel agency. When he questions you, tell him you and Suzy, or whatever your girlfriend's/sister's/cousin's name is, that you're planning on taking a cruise together to Club Med for a vacation. Oh, yeah. That'll get him shook right-up. He'll feel he's losing you. And he's not wrong. He should be shook. For his treatment of you is pushing you right out that door and into someone else's arms.
Sometimes, talking and/or fighting about stuff just doesn't work. Action is required. Don't say anything anymore. Just get off your duff and start doing, start going, start coming home late. Don't be at his beck-and-call anymore. Get all dolled-up and go out. Make him afraid of losing you.
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It sounds like your guy needs a wake-up call as he's gotten complacent and lazy and isn't making much of an effort in your relationship anymore.Time to read him the riot act and shape up or ship out.Tell him you need more "us time" - that means more time together going out for a meal, a nightclub, a walk or even just having a kiss and a cuddle.Otherwise this relationship is a one-way ticket to oblivion.

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