Who wants to find that perfect person for them are they out there will they ever be found?


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Kayleigh DoesItMatter Profile
ALWAYS! Sometimes you break up with someone and your whole world is then turned around! And you feel like you'll never find anyone again, but you ALWAYS find someone, maybe not now maybe only in a years time. True love happens when you least expect it. Rite in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale_(:
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Helena Vites answered
Yeah I guess. Theyre not going to be perfect, I mean, there has got to b a default about the person, but there is going to be that one person youll fall for when you know you shouldnt. I mean, it happened to me. He does drugs, he smokes, hes done a lot of bad things, but I still love him for who he is. And you can always try to fix the defaults. I mean, I made my guy stop smoking and stuff :)
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Janey answered
Well I found my perfect other half in my first week of university.  That was seven years ago and we got engaged at Christmas.  There's always somebody out there for someone!
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Jon Asaviour answered
Nothing is perfect , Adam was perfect , so GOD took his rib and made him incomplete ,its the mind that decides whether it is perfect or not , I mean the relation is perfect or not

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