How to choose a girlfriend?


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Technically speaking, most people don't "choose" a girlfriend, boyfriend or any other type of partner. Instead, they meet someone whom they find attractive, get to know them, find that they are compatible and get on well with each other, and the relationship begins from there. The use of the word "choose" implies that there is no feeling involved in finding a partner, and that "choosing" a girlfriend is much like "choosing" what to have for dinner tonight.

  • Entering into a relationship

If you are lucky enough to have a number of girls interested in you, or to have a number of girls who would like a relationship with you, then please be aware that you don't have to be in a relationship with any of them. You should only enter a relationship with another person if you are both interested in each other, in a physical and emotional sense.

Whether you have 100 girls chasing you or just one, the same rules apply. Just because another person is interested in you, does not mean that you have to be interested in them as well. Although romantic interest can be flattering, entering into a relationship just because the other person likes you is bad - for you and the other person involved.

  • "Choosing" a partner

The process of finding a girlfriend should come naturally to you - rather than having to "choose" a girlfriend, you should "just know" that you want to be romantically involved with a girl. This could be due to her sense of humor, her interests, the way she makes you feel and a whole range of other factors.

Whatever it is that you find attractive about another person, your instinct and feelings will tell you that you want to be more than friends with them. This process will be natural and easy, and not as clinical as the process of "choosing" a partner.

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