The component of personality that encompasses our positive and negative self-evaluations true or false?


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Just because this statement has a question mark on the end of it doesn't make it a question; it is really difficult to understand what you mean.

  • Components of personality
While we make evaluations about people's personalities from what we observe, psychologists take a broader view and look at different components of personality that we may all have.

Some of the fundamental characteristics that make up the whole are:

  • Consistency
This is the way that people regularly behave or react in a given situation, for example, some people may always react to a stressful situation by getting angry, while others may withdraw into themselves and others may cry; in each instance the person will be consistent in the way that they behave.

  • Psychological and physiological
Although personality is a psychological construct, it is also influenced by biological needs and processes, and so the psychological and physiological overlap to make up a whole.

  • Impact behaviors and actions
This means the way we behave in particular instances; our personalities don't just influence what we do, they also cause us to act in a certain manner.

  • Multiple expressions
Personality can be observed in more than just the way a person behaves; it is also apparent in the way that they think, in their relationships with other people and in all the ways that we behave socially.

  • Theories of personality
There are many different theories to explain how personalities develop and include thoughts on how outside influences can have an impact, and how biological events can make a difference. There are also those who believe that genetics can play a part.

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