is this feeling called love?

There is this girl that I like she is not that pretty but I like her personality so much...she is my former co worker and I dont think she knows me btw im a shy type and I only talk her once and thats  it so I was devastated to know she left the company where we work. Then lately I always reminicing the moments with her, the places where she usually hangs out and I always go to the place where I last saw her just to feel her presence somewhat. Is this feeling love??

What im sure is that I want her to be happy and I know I am not the one to do that (don’t ask why but its next to impossible for me) so I cant help but check her facebook often to see if she had a boyfriend already cause even if it hurts knowing she had a love of her life…aslong as she is happy then I can move on  with my life.

I also have this inner thoughts like maybe if a parallel universe exist….we are together.


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Well, if you feel that strongly about her, I can't help but ask....what's holding you back? I doubt it will be that easy "to move on" if you feel the way you say you do. Don't stalk her on Facebook or any other site, that can look pretty creepy.....just sayin'

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You've allowed yourself to become obsessed with her and you've created a picture of the two of you together which is not realistic.  So long as you keep checking her Facebook page and don't move on from this you're going to be miserable.

You say you just want her to be happy and that's why you keep checking to see if she has a boyfriend but you're deceiving yourself.  It's going to hurt you to see her with a new boyfriend.  Accept that this is not going to work out and move on.  Leave her alone and give yourself a chance to care for somebody else.

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