What happens when a babies eye pupil turns white?my baby was born 4 months ago and her eye pupil was black and 2 days ago i Know Test it turn white....


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Only advice I have for you is go to the doctor, call the doctor, do something and do something other than ask people on blurit and risk your babies sight with a possible wrong answer.

Your baby could be going blind
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I think that's a blind thing with the white pupil. Go to the ER if you must but do some like Now
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You need to make an appointment with an "Ophthalmologist" that is an actual eye doctor not one that prescribes glasses.. "Leukocoria" (means white pupil) is NEVER a normal condition, it requires immediate attion evaluated by an "Ophthalmologist". There is a number of conditions that cause "leukocoria"... Common causes of a cloudy/white pupil include:
              * intraocular infections (infections of the eye(s))
              * coats' disease, exudative retinopathy- occurs in premature infants, also called ROP, abnormal blood vessel development in the retina of the eye, when a baby is born premature eye development can be disrupted.
              * retinoblastoma- is a malignant tumor of the retina that generally affects children under the age of 6. When a cell of the growing retina develops a mutation in the RB gene. Blindness can occur and the tumor can spread, this is a very rare condition unless someone in your family has had it...
              * congenital rubella- caused by the rebella virus, happens if you got the virus while pregnant or if the baby had the virus..
              * galactosemia- a condition which makes someone unable to fully break down simple sugar galactose (if your baby had this it would've already been diagnosed, probably)
                I am not a doctor, I was a med student, till I changed my major, anyway I want you to know that this is serious and it may nnot even be one of these conditions at all those are the most serious ones, But you really, really need to make an appointment... This is just an idea of how serious it could be and I agree with kelly about, well the whole comment. Hope things turn out and good luck!

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