What is the best underwear for girls to get a wedgie in?


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Ask her to come with you and take her some where private have a friend with you then one of you need to grab the front of her pants while the other one grabs her from the back pull them up hard and swing her from side to side this will cause her to struggle which will make the pants go up further take some rope or tape with you and make sure there's a hook on the wall then put duck tape over her mouth and duck tape/tie her hands together then make a hole at the back of her pants and put the hook through the hole in her pants make it near the top of her pants spank her anywhere and leave her there she will continue to struggle which will make her pants go deeper and deeper into her ass it's great and if it's for revenge it will teach her a lesson
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I say get a girl to go to your house or her house get her inside your or her room and start a little fight with her and pull on her sexy panties as hard as you can until thier over her hed.
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A bra wedgie you hook underwear to pole ondo bra hook to holes of underwear
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Tell a girl to come with you grab her and tie her hands together then duct tape her mouth shut lay her across your lap then grab her panties and yank up hard if you want to hang her somewhere high with her butt facing you she will struggle pull down her pants and spank her then get her down and do whatever you want with her spank her wedgie her or put her through wedgie tourcher
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Back wedgie = sit down on a sofa with a girl on one knee... She needs to be facing you. Start fiddling with the top of her thong and then pull it a little bit, then release, a bit harder, then release, harder and release.  Repeat this motion.

Front wedgie = do the same position but with her facing away and do the same motion too.
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Hanging wedgie
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Hate to tell you this but wedgies are very childish at any age and to do this to a girl is meaningless, degrading, and harmful. God didnt give us girls to mistreat and make fun of but to honor, and cherish and to walk along side us and forget doing stupid things like wedgies except to your best guy friends here and maybe you just might get a real GF here

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