How To Do A Wedgie?


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For a worse wedgie, grab their underwear and hang them up.
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To do a wedgie you simply grab there underwear and yank them up. Try it on a friend. If you want 2 go a step further try one of these
the melvin ( when your pants are pulled up from the front),
the hang ( when you are suspended in the air hung by your underwear),
the ice one ( when icecubes are placed in your pants and the icecubes go up between your buttocks and freeze),
the coathanger ( 2 people hung on coathanger, one each side),
the extreme( when your pants are forced over your head),
the ladder ( you jump of a secure ladder and stay their),
chain/ wrope wedgie( you sit on a rope or chain in air and people pull you down causing injuries to the bum),
girls the bra wedgie ( your straps are hooked round your pants),
the crane wedgie ( you connect your underwear to a crane and slowly put the crane up )
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Grab the underwear and pull up.

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