What Is A Chair Wedgie?


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A chair wedgie is where you pull up the underwear of someone else and hook it over the back of the chair that they are sitting on. This is just like a normal wedgie but rather than having someone pulling on your underwear, it is a chair that is pulling it up.

  • Practical joke
This is usually done as a practical joke, because the person that is having the wedgie done to them might not notice that is has been done until it has been attached to the chair. Another reason why some people prefer to do this as a practical joke is that they do not have hold of the underwear; it is up to the person to remove their underwear from the back of the chair. This may be hard for them to do!

  • Practical joke tips
Things you should think about when performing a practical joke; will the person be offended? Are you in a place where it is appropriate? Will you upset people around you? Will you cause a commotion?

  • Watch clips on Youtube
You can see lots of different chair wedgie videos and clips on Youtube that will show you how this is done and what kind of chair is used.

As with any practical joke, you should gage whether the person you are playing the joke on will get it and also if they will find it funny or offensive. Even some people that do not mind being the butt of a practical joke usually will not want to be the butt of a chair wedgie practical joke - these can sometimes hurt and be painful.
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You hook your underwear over the back of a chair and sit down.
Hope it helped:)
Oh and by the way I'm not an old man, it just came up like that
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No...a chair wedgie is when you hook your underwear over the backrest of your chair and sit or if there is a hole on the bottom you pull your underwear through the hole on hook it at the top of the backrest
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When someone grabs your panties when you are sitting on a chair and attaches to the backrest forcing those panties way up your crack, lol!

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Your joking! I have had wedgies before and belive me its not pretty!
Although secretly I kinda like wedgies
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By wearing the wrong underwear and then sitting down:P

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