Why do parents never understand and give space to their teenagers?


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Gawd I kno how that feels
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Because teens need it and trust me it wont hurt you in the long run and youll do the very same thing with your kids. Its all part of growing up but actually in all reality, discipline has been toned down enormously from years ago when I was a teen so you guys actually have it made now. Plus the military wanted us right out of high school for Viet Nam so Uncle Sam really disciplined us to survive
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The age old answer that you have probably heard a million times before " We love you and don't want you to make the same mistakes we have made". It won't last forever, ok that's a lie it does last forever. It's instinct to protect your young. Try to be grateful that your parents cherish you. Someday you will be married with a family of your own and wish your parents were as overbearing as they are now. Hang in there and try looking at it from their perspective, and try not to fight back to much they must really love and care for you to feel like you have no space or time alone, it takes a lot of effort on their part, lol. Some kids grow up with parents who could care less about what they do or say, your lucky. Take care
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Because a involved parent usually is right there to be in there kids life(even if they complain on the outside while really wanting their parents in their space) to help teach/guide them through just about everything they are experiencing so they do not become misled or harm themself. In other words it is thier job to know what thier children are up to .not syaing to be hanging around their neck but to supervise/be a guardian of their most prized possession that they themself brought into the world.then it mite alos help if the kids,parents actually talked about them growing up/allowing them some room to grow at arms length/cell phone tracking/gps/lojack . : )
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They do give you space ,you go to school don't you,you eat supper at your parents house you got a bed to sleep on ect.ect.ect endless, you must be a brat, your parents don't want you to make horrible choices ,cause what you do now will affect your future your lively hood your friends and what you are doing,,,,,, you got to remember your parents were kids your age too and they know what to exspect so all and all they love you
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Okay first of all do NOT call me a brat ,you do not know me so you cannot say that 2nd of all this question does not apply to me and is not about me , but yeh thanks for your answer anyway 8) happy dayy
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Because of their bigger experiences in life
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Because there afraid if they let there kid have space they will make the same mistakes they did as a kid so they keep them locked up plus there worried they will grow up to fast.
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I don't think all parents are like that. My parents tried their hardest to be understanding, but it really didn't help. They were no help with the problems I had - bullying at school - even though they loved me very much.
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Parents will be parents. They worry, they yell, they're unfair. As much as I hate saying this and admitting it. They think it's good for you and it probably is. Just breathe, listen to some music scream into your pillow a bit.
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The problem is that they DO understand, They have been there and know what it's all about.  Pity that kids "think" they know it all, too.  One day it will be your worry, with your kids and you may remember asking this question and feel rather silly.
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They really do understand but its in the unwritten code of parentinghood not to let kids have their every wish or want so this may never happen. One day youll understand all this
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They think that those incidents which they faced, must not be in their children and they got a lot of expirence from the life
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I'm six-teen, and l can't thank my parents enough for always knowing what l was doing, and who l was with at all times. It made me a better person inside and out. I can't thank them enough, even when l was younger and couldn't go to my "boyfriends" house in the back of my mind l was thinking they know best. I left my one "best friends" because all they did was "bad mouth her parents, all because they wouldn't let her go to a college party. Teenagers these days are so spoiled and immature, if l was a parent of some of these childern l would punish them. Parents should know where their childern and teenagers are and who they are with at ALL times. If you don't care more about your childern why have them? To me it makes no sense what so ever..

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