Why is my family so BORING?


4 Answers

Kati Adamson Profile
Kati Adamson answered
Depends where they are from. Or they still treat you as a small child.
(jeez, I hate that)
Peggy Burtwell Profile
Peggy Burtwell answered
I think there's a tendency to expect people you know well to entertain you. My family doesn't do anything different than your family but these are the funniest people I've ever known. Especially if you're lucky enough to have a crazy one in the house . Do something they wouldn't expect .
maricar bulala Profile
maricar bulala answered
Don't think that your family is boring coz you know what,all people can leave you but your family can't...but if you see that your family is boring,make some fun for them or make some ways for family to be more exciting and happy with your family...based in my family now,even if we are just belong in a poor family but still we are happy together and when big trials came into our life,my friends,neighbors,cousins or other people who I thought can help me but what they did were leave us and never help us,but because of that trials my family was stronger now and we are happy together...

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