How To Get Even With A Manipulative Daughter-In-Law Who Uses The Grandchildren As Bait?


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It sounds to me as if you're in a bit of a sticky situation. My personal advice would be to play it cool and not react to her behavior.

As well as manipulating you, she's probably enjoying all the torment she's causing.

You may have to bite your tongue and take the high-ground for a while, but I can guarantee that your time will come.

What to do about a manipulative daughter in-law? If you've tried talking to your son and he doesn't want to help out, then there's not much you can do (well, not right away, anyway).

The best way to win this game is to play it long - don't react when she makes you angry, and even try and play along with her manipulation to an extent.

If you want to be involved in your grandchildren's lives, then you'll need to have patience.

In my experience, no matter how much control someone thinks they have, if they are spiteful and evil, they always get their come-uppance eventually.

For example, my birth-mother stopped my dad from seeing us for several years, and the whole thing was so painful for him that he became an alcoholic.

My mom made up a lot of lies about my dad (even going so far as having him arrested for a false domestic violence accusation).

Although it might have seemed to him like the end of the world, only a few years later we had all moved out of my mom's house, having realized how much of a psychotic so-and-so she could be.

Now, she has has nothing to do with us, and we regularly spend time with my dad and his new partner. Just goes to show that things work out in the end, even if it might not seem as if they will!
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Arthur Wright answered
Not much you can do legally.

Just wait for the time something comes up for her that requires an emergency babysitter on short notice, just happen to be busy (when she knows full well you aren't) and maybe she will see what she's doing here with the kids.

May be a bit of tough love is required - something must be done here to teach her!

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