What Stage Of Puberty Am I In? I'm Nearly 14 (male), I Think I'm Still Going Through A Growth Spurt, I'm 5ft 10/11, Since The Start Of 2010 I Have Grown 2/3 Inches, I Have Sideburns, No Adult Muscle, I Havent Got A Adult Vioce, But Have Pubes On Thig


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Puberty is defined as the time when sexual characteristics develop and sexual organs mature. There is a significant growth spurt and the timing of that 'spurt' can vary from person to person. Along with sexual maturation and development, a wide range of emotional changes also take place. Some boys go through this period very easily and for others it can be difficult.
The changes associated with puberty generally occur between the ages of nine and 16 years of age, but this can vary considerably from person to person.
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Signs that you are mentioning indicate that you are still not sexually mature. Sometimes boys get late maturity. Your height will continue to grow until complete maturity which can take place at 18.

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