Why Does My Wife's Vagina Feel So Big To Me ,or Not To Squeeze Me The Way It Should, And Does Size Matter ?


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Did you ever consider that you may be too small
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First of all.. I'm learning English...I hope I'll be able to write about it.
The most important thing is having a conversation about that. She might knows that there is something wrong in your sex life and she probably thinks that her vagina is really large.

You have to be courageous and talk about it with her and it'll be a relieve for you both. Do you know that as much as you she might doesn't feel good having sex?
There are some options for you to finish with this problem.
I've had the same problem and I had a vaginal rejuvenation surgery (faster way) and I've being training my vaginal muscles.
Talk to her! Be honest..tell her you love her (if you do (^^) and you just want you both enjoying each other in the best way. Or it wont change and your sex life will be sad :(
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Yes ,size is very important for good sex,my wife is physically bigger than me,in sex time she saying my dick is not sufficient for her Vagienna,she is not getting good sexual satisfaction from me,means my dick is small for her vagiena
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There needs to be room to push out babies.
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You should have her try binwah balls to tighten her muscles. Hope this helps!
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Your wife can use a alum mixture to tighten her vaginal area,she should douch in the mixture, has she given birth? Good Luck
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Gross dude!! no one really needs to know about your wifes large vagina or either your extra small penis!!
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Did you ever consider your wife is having an affair with other men. Larger, taller, men. You now have competition. Daily. Everytime you make love to your wife, you will be humiliated. She will be secretly laughing at your efforts. You will constantly imagine what her response would be if you were larger. She has her best to someone else.
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Well.... Haven't you thought that probably the problem is your penis? Have you ever tried some special supplements? If not then try to check this Neosize XL review because as I know, it can really increase muscle mass and strength and make everything much better. Just do it at least once. Good luck.

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Shes probably been with Jerome while you were at work or your lil pickle might be a lil short. Get EXTENZ. That should help you out.

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