Can My Wife Ever Forgive Me For Attempting To Rape Her?


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First off rape victims do not all heal the same and they do not all heal in the same time frame. Second if you attempted to rape her a lot of trust in you was swept away in her heart, besides all the feelings of worthlessness, violation, pain, confusion, etc she endured. Now if this happened 5yrs ago and you both have gone through counseling and she still has not moved past this incident enough to live in peace, trust, and love with you again then I think maybe you should ask her if she thinks she will ever fully heal, if it is something she will need to get over by herself without you. Good luck, the situation doesn't look favorable on your side, at least to me.
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Being raped is very difficult to forget. It's just very very difficult for a woman to forget about being raped or forgive the person that raped her. I think that if she didn't forgive you, you can't blame her because now she feels insecure with you.. I don't know that's just my opinion.
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Well any one can forgive depends on the type of person you took away her sense of security when you love some one you should feel safe in there arms no matter what and know there willing to give there life for yours and you attempting to rape her made her scared of you there is always a chance but in this case I feel it is very unlikely before you start a relationship again you need to get help before your relationship can work
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I do not know how in the world your wife could ever get over such a horrible experience and yet with her own husband. I would suggest more counseling and lots of prayers as only God can ease her heart and change you to never do this again to anyone. I am not trying to scold you however you took her dignity and her sense of safety with her husband. This is not going to be an easy road. Pray Pray Pray
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I don't know have you asked her?
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The forgiving part is easy,it is the forgetting that lingers and to have trama of that nature from one you have put your trust in,that is truly hard to deal with,it will never be business as usual...lots of prayers,lots of counseling,lots of rejection from your wife because at that moment what has happen previously comes to the surface...good luck  you seem sincere in wanting forgiveness but it is the victim that needs time if she will ever be the same again,and this you will have to understand and deal with,my prayers are with you...
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I wouldn't.

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I can't make any assumption about what your wife is thinking or how she is dealing with your relationship .. For obvious reasons.  Nor can I assume to understand what posessed you to do choose to abuse her in such a horrific way. 

All I can say .. There are consequences for your actions .. Her forgiving you is not your biggest problem.

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