Is Adultery Ever Acceptable?


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No I don't believe it is possible for adultery to be acceptable. Even when your wife or husband is insane and put away in a mental hospital, you are still married to that person and if you cannot get a divorce, you still have responsibility to that person, you are bonded to that person and you need to resolve that situation before its possible to get on with your life.

And yet, so many people have extra-marital relationships, they did it because something is missing from their lives and they do not know where to make up the difference.

'Adultery' is an ancient term, the idea of not coveting your neighbour's wife is a biblical commandment.

People do not think about their emotional and spiritual life and the end up being selfish. They also don't think of the result that can devastate relationships and families. That is sad.
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Adultery confuses the everloving out of me. It is so common and has so many passages in the Bible written about it that you know it is an ordinary state of affairs! But Why? What on earth would make people do that! Are they weak, or just doing what comes naturally? Personally I think adultery must never be part of a marriage agreement. It is a serious warning that both parties have work to do on their relationship. If it keeps recurring it means someone is not the marrying kind.
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No, it is never acceptable. You should be honest and upfront if you feel that you may need to stray, at least be man or woman enough to honor the vows that you took or separate legally before you become involved with someone else.
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Well according to god adultery is a disgrace so no its not acceptable the lord put it as one of his laws not to commit adultery
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No, it is NOT. It is disgusting and in my opinion is that it's one of the worst possible crimes.

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