What Is Adultery?


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Adultery is defined as a sexual relationship by a married person with someone other than his or her lawful spouse. It is also referred to as infidelity, being unfaithful or just cheating.

Historically adultery has been punishable with severe sanctions including possibly the death penalty. In some cases the punishment is being stoned to death where the adulterer is killed by having stones thrown at them.

In some places adultery is illegal, and is often cited in divorce proceedings.

In most cultures as well as any formal punishment, an adulterer will suffer from the attitudes of others towards them and what they have done.

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Adultery is when you are married to one person and you are sleeping with another one .....and yes it is very wrong it will ruin not only your life but the lives of everyone involved so don't do it if you are thinking about.
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Adultery is when you're in serious relationship or married and you cheat on your spouse with somebody else.
It can be sexual or not.

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